Changing the Education System to Meet the Needs of ALL Young People

The Foundation is investing in the documentation, evaluation and piloting of community-based education strategies.


The Foundation believes that meaningful, holistic and relevant education is key to supporting the positive development of young people. The Foundation is working with youth-driven partners to develop more supports for young people who are incarcerated/ remanded or re-entering society. These are community-based models, where young people are working with partners to support the educational attainment and positive transitions of youth involved in the justice system.
In addition, the Foundation is working with youth-driven partners to develop community-based educational attainment strategies that support young people who are outside the education system or marginalized by the education system to attain credits and reconnect with formal education.

Pop-up Funding

A new round of Pop-up Funding around municipal elections was recently adjudicated

Election day is Monday October 27th, 2014

A bunch of young people who are interested in the upcoming municipal elections in Ontario applied to our recent deadline for pop up grants.  14 great projects were funded.  Ana Skinner was interviewed by Leah Wong , municipal affairs reporter for Novae Res Urbis.  Read the article on civic engagement and improving voter turnout here.

Training & Skills Development

Results of the September 29, 2014 deadline will be available soon


The Laidlaw Foundation works with partners who share our passion for working with young people and who can offer innovative, engaging and useful training, skills development and/or networking opportunities. Find out more.

Nathan Gilbert Youth Innovation Fellowships

Adjudication of the applicants to the Nathan Gilbert Youth Innovation Fellowship Program will take place October 23rd, 2014.  Stay tuned for results!


The Nathan Gilbert Youth Innovation Fellowship Program supports young people who would like to contribute to the youth sector through research and publication. Learn more.


The Laidlaw Foundation supports young people in being fully engaged in the civic, social, economic and cultural life of diverse and environmentally healthy communities. We accomplish this through grants and partnerships with other organizations active in the youth sector and by influencing policies that affect young people.