At the Intersections: Building Momentum for Disability Justice PopUp Fund

PopUP Funding Opportunity for Youth-led Groups in Ontario

At the Intersections: Building Momentum for Disability Justice

Apply for $500 by January 15, 2018

Young people with disabilities are at the forefront of creating greater justice and equity across our communities. Through this PopUP grant, we are committed to supporting projects and activities that promote disability justice, by focussing on increasing awareness and action on intersectional experiences some of which include disability and race, disability and gender, disability and sexuality, disability and poverty.

We are looking to support projects that are intersectional in terms of issues, like focusing on youth with disabilities who are incarcerated or homeless, youth with disabilities who are indigenous, youth with disabilities who experience sexual violence, and so on and so forth.

Types of projects could include:

  • Events, workshops and/or forums that contribute to creating community, increasing awareness and/or action for disability justice
  • Projects that make visible and centre the lived experiences of people with disabilities in conversations about equity and justice


  • Are you a group of youth with direct and lived experiences of disability (between the ages of 15-29) working in a community in Ontario?
  • Do you have a project, campaign, or idea that will increase awareness of your experiences,  priorities and contribute to creating momentum for Disability Justice?
  • If so, you can apply for up to $500 to support your project.
  • Please note, you can apply on your own (it’s ok if you are a new group or informal group); or in partnership with another organization.

How to apply: You can apply online here:


Please reach out to Ajeev Bhatia: and 416 964 3614 x309.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  January 15, 2018 by midnight