Youth CI Conversation Starter Grant

The Conversation Starter Grant supports youth-led and youth- serving groups across Ontario to get conversations started that can help identify a common issue affecting young people that needs to be addressed, and/or identify who needs to be involved in a collective effort to improve the conditions of young people in their community.


  • You are a youth-led or youth-serving group looking to build a collaborative to work in a community in Ontario
  • You are a new or informal group
  • You are convening to identify specific youth priorities for your community that needs to be addressed
  • You are looking for funding/resources to help you get your youth collective impact conversation going in your community


Grants are up to $1,000

Apply Now: Access the Online Application Portal

Click here to access our online application portal and begin your Conversation Starter Grant application. In your application, please provide information and submit answers to all questions by November 17, 2017.