Our Current Focus

We are currently focused on the following issues:

Changing the education system to meet the needs of ALL young people

Over the next few years, the Foundation will be investing in youth-driven groups that are working to help their peers that feel pushed out of or marginalized by the formal education system, attain credits, re-engage with the school system and graduate and/or pursue further education or training. The Foundation will be investing in the documentation, evaluation and piloting of community-based education strategies, with a specific focus on supports for young people who are incarcerated or re-entering society.

Changing the not-for-profit sector to be more inclusive of youth-led groups

The Foundation will be working with its partners to make the Not for Profit sector more accessible to youth-led grassroots groups. Specifically, the Foundation will explore the development of Shared Administrative Platforms as an option for youth-led groups instead of pursuing their own NFP or charitable incorporation. Shared Administrative Platforms provide mentorship and an organizational home for initiatives that would otherwise be unincorporated. In addition the Foundation wants to work with partners to address legislative and policy barriers that impede youth-led work.

Supporting youth-led community change

The Foundation will support youth-led community change by investing in youth-led projects, where the ideas and strategies have been developed by a group of young people and are based on their lived experiences. We’ll also invest in training, skills-building, mentorship and capacity strengthening strategies that enable youth-led groups to do their work more effectively.