FCJ Refugee Centre 2016

Uprooted Education

Newcomer youth that are marked with less than stable immigration status face multiple barriers that prevent their full and equitable participation in Ontario Secondary Schools. Visitors, refugee claimants, temporary residents, and non-status youth are among the populations that are either barred access to, or have disengaging and inequitable experiences within Ontario high schools. Furthermore, less than permanent immigration status often intersects with other vulnerabilities to amplify existing oppressions, and produce multiple negative impacts. This report highlights 5 themes identified by newcomer youth with the hope that this project will result in raised awareness, increased access, more equitable participation, and more responsive and engaged learning opportunities for precarious immigration status youth across Ontario. Read the report here.


Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) 2016

The Shared Platform Guidebook

We are working to change the sectors that young people work and organize in to be more supportive of young people and youth leadership! To this end, we funded the Ontario Nonprofit Network to develop the Shared Platform Guidebook.This resource will assist charities and nonprofits interested in implementing a shared platform model! Check out the guidebook here.


Contributing to a more inclusive Not-for-Profit Sector:

Interested in learning more about innovations in the NFP Sector to support grassroots, youth-led groups? Check out this in-depth field research on Shared Platforms by Prof. Ray Dart and Katie Allen of Trent University. Through interviews with platforms and project members, this research documents what is happening on the ground in a vibrant and innovative Shared Platforms community in Toronto. It provides new insights into shared platforms, and describes two distinct types of platforms supporting grassroots groups: Community Development Shared Platforms(CDSP) and Primarily Administrative Shared Platforms(PASP). Read more here.


Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide 2016

Youth homelessness is a pressing issue worldwide that requires urgent attention. To help address the issue, a collaborative group of organizations from Canada and Europe have developed Youth Rights! Right Now! Ending Youth Homelessness: A Human Rights Guide for grounding strategies to end youth homelessness in international human rights law. The guide brings human rights to the forefront of decision making with an aim to assist in the identification of systemic causes of homelessness and human rights solutions. It includes steps that policy-makers, front-line workers, researchers and others can embrace a human rights approach. Read the guide here.


People For Education 2015

Applied of Academic: High Impact Decisions for Ontario Students

This report outlines evidence of disadvantage created by streaming grade 8 students into applied or academic courses.  It examines the gap between Ontario’s stated policy regarding student’s choices in high school and the reality on the ground.  Should grade 8 students be required to make decisions that have such important short and long term consequences in light of international evidence suggesting that it contributes to lower outcomes? Read the full report here.


Ontario Youth Matter!

In 2008 the Ontario Youth Matter! campaign was created to pressure the Ontario Government to develop a comprehensive, outcomes-based youth policy framework for the Province. This report explores models for including youth in the policy process.

Not So Easy To Navigate 2012

A series of reports on the complex array of income security programs and educational planning for children in care in Ontario and information on how to collect child benefits  of up to $8,400 and more per year.

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Municipal Funding for Recreation 2003