Working Paper Series on Social Inclusion

In 2001 the Foundation commissioned a series of working papers to examine social inclusion from a number of perspectives. Although the authors approach the topic from different starting points and emphasize different aspects of exclusion and inclusion, there are important common threads and conclusions. The working papers draw attention to the new realities and new understandings that must be brought to bear on the development of social policy and the creation of a just and healthy society.

The Dynamics of Social Inclusion Public Education and Aboriginal People in Canada

Poverty, Inequality, and Social Inclusion

The Role of Recreation in Promoting Social Inclusion

Summaries: The Dynamics of Social Inclusion, Poverty, Inequality and Social Inclusion and The Role of Recreation in Promoting Social Inclusion

Feminist Perspectives on Social Inclusion and Children’s Well-Being

Social Inclusion Through Early Childhood Education and Care

Social Inclusion as Solidarity: Rethinking the Child Care Rights Agenda

Leave no Child Behind! Social Exclusion and Child Benefit

Ethical Reflections on Social Inclusion

Immigrant Settlement and Social Inclusion in Canada

Social Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Democratic Citizenship

Thumbs Up! Social Inclusion, Rights and Equality as Experienced by Youth with Disabilities