Youth Social Infrastructure

Foundations & Pipelines

Building social infrastructure for youth organizing is based upon fostering mentorship and partnerships that provide key capacity strengthening supports, managed by coordinated work involving intermediaries, coalitions and collaboratives, delivered through both physical and online resource hubs, and supported by strategic funder alliances and social entrepreneurship strategies that provide the resources for various services. This publication outlines key propositions and a call to action.

GroundFloors Building Youth Organizing Platforms

This report provides a clear picture of what organizations, groups and young leaders have identified as key learning needed to support Youth Organizing.

Youth Innovation Lab Report

The report of a workshop looking at creating collective impact in the youth sector.

Report of the Autumn 2012 YSI Retreat

The YSI collaborative identifies a number of learning questions to better capture the collective impact of youth organizing across the province and to lead to a theory of change.

Moving from Trustee to TRUSTing Collaborations

The results of the Shared Admin Platform Research Working Group survey of funders supporting  groups providing shared administration services to grassroots groups across the city.